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  Protecting Kids Made Simple – Empowering children with the knowledge to counter the risk of abduction and sexual abuse.
by Dale Jackson, Criminologist

Written by criminologist Dale Jackson, this book is about parents training children to stop the unthinkable from happening.  Dale outlines what parents should be teaching their children at different ages to empower them with knowledge of inappropriate adult behaviour

"This book was not designed to overshadow your role as parent or guardian, rather to compliment what you already do, or feel you must do to keep your kids safe from harm.  If you are lost for a starting point, then perhaps this book will form the cornerstones for a strong foundation to help you along the way." - Extract from the book.


Dale describes his book as "Building a wall of protection to safeguard kids!"  In this book you will learn the Sexual Abuse Training (SAT Program and the Counter Abduction Training (CAT) Program.

You might have seen Dale interviewed on the ABC "The Morning Show" or Channel 7's "Today Tonight".  Browse our 'Articles' section for more information.

Link to “Child Safety a Matter of Good Sense” article from the Gold Coast Bulletin.

Learn the Sexual Abuse Training (SAT) Program

Learn the Counter Abduction Training (CAT) Program

  • A process to train kids from 3 years old about sexual safety.

  • Talking to kids about dealing with strangers.

  • Know your child's enemy.  Learn about situational child molesters and preferential paedophiles.

  • Training kids in car pull-up drills to counter abduction.

  • Preparing kids against the risk of drug abuse and crime.

This book is about parents training children to stop the unthinkable from happening.
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