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The Top Selling ChildSafe Child ID Card & Child ID Kit

This full ChildSafe Child ID Card and Child ID Kit, with the FREE Online Photo service, is our most popular product. 

This ChildSafe Child ID Card and Child ID Kit is a great way for you to keep a full identification (ID) record of your child.

This Child ID Kit is designed to help you be prepared and assist the police to improve their response time if your child is reported missing….  plus you will have the added benefit of having your child’s personal and medical information, with you at all times... all on the ID Card.

"I had to buy one each (ChildSafe Child ID Card and Child ID Kit) for my daughter and son.  I couldn't live with myself if anything happened and I wasn't prepared" - what others are saying

The Child ID Kit not only contains the popular ChildSafe Child ID card but also a Fingerprint Kit, a DNA Sample Kit (you store the DNA at home in the container provided), a 6"x4" colour photo, and Safety Tips for parents.

Please remember, we do not hold any information.  Once the ChildSafe Child ID Card and Child ID Kit have been produced, ALL information is destroyed within 1 (ONE) month.

What is included in the ChildSafe Child ID Kit?

ALL of the following is included in the low cost Child ID Kit.

The ChildSafe Child ID card will prove to be invaluable should your child become lost, go missing or involved in an accident.  Emergency services will then have readily available up-to-date medical information such as medication taken, allergies and conditions as well as your emergency contact details.

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  Child Safe ID Card and Child Child ID Kit
Fingerprint Kit – contains detailed instructions, Fingerprint card, a non toxic ink strip (imported from the U.S.A. and used by the Australian Federal Police) and an alcohol wipe/towelette to clean the ink off your child’s fingers.

The home Fingerprint Kit is quick and easy to use and can be kept for many years.  Fingerprints are permanent and unique.  They are formed at birth and last throughout one’s life.  Fingerprint evidence is one of the most effective investigative means of identifying people as every fingerprint is unique.

For the protection of your child's privacy, you make & keep the fingerprints, not us.

  Child Safe ID Card and Child Child ID Kit
DNA Sample Kit – contains detailed instructions, powder-less latex gloves and a medically sterile foam tipped applicator swab (imported from America and used by several State Police Departments). 

Every cell of every living entity contains DNA that is unique to that human, animal or plant.  No two person's DNA is alike.

The ChildSafe DNA Home Sample Kit allows you to collect a sample of your child’s DNA in a matter of minutes.  This is a non-invasive sample and does not cause any discomfort for the child.  For the protection of your child's privacy, you take & keep the DNA sample, not us.

It is as simple as collecting a saliva sample with the foam tipped applicator.

  Child Safe ID Card and Child Child ID Kit
6"x4" colour photo – having a copy of a recent photo is one of the most important tools when your child goes missing.    We are also giving you the opportunity to have your child’s photo on our secure online photo service (SOPS) website.  This allows you to view/download and print your child’s ID photo from anywhere in the world where you have internet access and your ChildSafe Child ID Card.  This is invaluable if your child goes missing while you are away on holiday.  Your child’s photo can only be viewed with your unique ChildSafe ID number found on the ID Card.
  Child Safe ID Card and Child Child ID Kit
Safety Tips – Drawn from years of working with children, and many conversations with Police these safety tips are imperative for all parents to know.  Simple to follow, easy to explain, they may save your child one day.
Child Safe ID Card and Child Child ID Kit

How much does the ChildSafe Child ID Card & Child ID Kit Cost?

We believe that this Child ID Card and ID Kit is so important we are doing everything we can to make it as affordable as possible.  So, for a short time, we'll pay the GST for you, that is an extra saving of $2.00!

Order now and you can protect your child with a ChildSafe ID Card and ID Kit for

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