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The Famous ChildSafe Child ID Card


In demand worldwide, the $15 ChildSafe Child ID card will prove to be invaluable should your child become lost, go missing or involved in an accident.  Emergency services will then have readily available up-to-date medical information such as medication taken, allergies and conditions as well as your emergency contact details and physical description with a high quality photo.

What is the quality of the ChildSafe Child ID Card?

Using our unique custom built online ID card builder you can enter in all the details and see exactly what your ChildSafe Child ID card will look like.  When you are happy with it, your order will automatically be  sent to our ID card manufacturing machinery where the ID card will be manufactured in a long lasting durable plastic (similar to a credit card... our ChildSafe Child ID cards ARE NOT laminated paper like some that are available).  We physically check each ID card for quality before mailing your order to you.

When & how is the ChildSafe ID Card Used?

The ChildSafe Child ID card is a valuable resource should your child wander off or get lost.  You are in a busy shopping centre, you turn your head and your child has gone.  Having your ChildSafe Child ID card in your wallet allows you to immediately engage the help of people nearby to search for your child as well as the shopping center's security, staff and if needed emergency services.

When used in conjunction with the optional and FREE service of storing the ID photo on our secure servers, the ID card can become a major benefit in locating your child.  For information on using our FREE 'Secure Online Photo Service' click here.

"I was reluctant to purchase this (the ChildSafe Child ID Card) at first but I gave it a go for my youngest son.  I received the Child ID Card and Kit and was so pleased with it I have ordered 3 more ID Cards for my other children. - Thank you" - what others are saying

What would you rather be doing, searching for a recent id photo and filling out descriptive details or out helping look for your child?  In this situation, the first thing needed is an accurate and immediate description and ID photo of your child.  Don't try to rely on your memory at this point - your mind will be frantically focused on finding your child.

The ChildSafe Child ID card is also invaluable if you and/or your child are involved in an accident.  Your child's medical information is displayed on the ID card as well as any allergies and medications taken.

Who Should Carry the ChildSafe Child ID Card?

The ChildSafe Child ID Card is durable and designed to be easily carried by parents and/or children.  Every family member, such as parents and grandparents as well as other caregivers should carry a current copy of the ChildSafe Child ID Card.  Once the child is a little older and becoming more independent such as walking/riding their bike to school, a copy of the ChildSafe Child ID Card should then be carried by the child as well.

What is on the ChildSafe Child ID Card? 

The following information about your child: First Name, Middle Name/s, Last Name, Height, Weight, Age, Sex, Eye Colour, Hair Colour, Medical Conditions, Allergies, Medication Taken, Distinguishing Features as well as emergency contact details, the Card Expiry Date and your unique CSID.  On the back is information about what to do if your child goes missing.

How often should the ChildSafe Child ID Card be updated?

Children grow so quickly and their appearance changes so we suggest that the ChildSafe Child ID Card and Photo are updated yearly, or whenever the details change, i.e. medication or contact details.

How much does the ChildSafe Child ID Card Cost?

We are doing everything we can to keep this ChildSafe ID card down to a super affordable price however it is becoming exceedingly difficult to keep the price this low.  However, for a short time, we'll pay the GST for you, that is an extra saving of $1.50!

Right now, you can protect your child with a ChildSafe Child ID Card for as little as $15(AUD)+p&h.  This equates to a only  28 cents a week... so, you can afford to keep your child ChildSafe.

To Take Advantage Of This LOW Price, Click Here To Purchase

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