Protect Children & Raise Funds!

Valuable, simple, fast, effective way to raise funds

ChildSafe ID not only provides a great product for parents, we also help organizations & groups by offering a fundraising initiative.  We can also provide branding on our cards so if you would like to see your organization or group logo on the card contact us today!

Include the ChildSafe ID as part of your enrolment or membership and help protect the children.

Simply contact ChildSafe ID and we will visit your centre. We provide everything you need... letters/flyers/order forms to be distributed to all parents as well as posters and sample products.  The interested parents return the forms and payment to the centre which we collect and process.

  If 70 parents buy an ID Card and the Book we will donate $140 to your organization.  

ChildSafe ID will then send a consultant (who has been Police checked) to the centre to take digital photos of the participating children.  Once the products have been produced we will then return them to the centre to be distributed.

Now the fundraising part comes into action!  We will donate $1 back to the centre for every item purchased, for example...

  • For Kindergartens/Preschools

  • For Primary Schools

  • For Charities

  • For Social Clubs

  • For Rotary Clubs

  • For Social Clubs

  • For Mothers Groups

  • For Church Groups

  • For Boy Scouts

  • For Girl Guides

  • For ...

Not only will you feel peace-of-mind, knowing that you have done all that can be expected for your child, but you can also help raise funds for your organization or group

Simply contact us to set up the ChildSafe ID program at your organization or group and we will donate $1 back to the school or centre for every item purchased.

Not only will your organization or group benefit from this fundraising initiative, but you will also be showing the community that you are committed to the security and protection of the children.


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