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Secure Online Photo Service (SOPS)

For a limited time, this is a free service for all ChildSafeID customers.

We offer, and highly recommend, to you the free option of having your child's photo stored securely on our internet servers.  You, or the people helping you, will be able to download and print a 6"x4" (postcard size) photo of your child. Having this stored on the internet, accessible only by the CSID printed on the card, means you have an up-to-date photo available to you 24hrs a day, 365 days a year, anywhere in the world.
  With your permission, police &/or helpers can distribute this photo to all people involved in finding your child, within minutes of you handing over the card.

This feature of the ChildSafeID system saves critical wasted hours searching for and delivering an up-to-date photo.

Please note, we only store the photo of your child.  No other information is held by us.  The only way to access the photo is by using the unique ChildSafeID (CSID) located on the ID Card.

Click here to view a demonstration of this feature.

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