So, what are others saying about ChildSafe Child ID?

The following comments are taken from actual emails, conversations and telephone calls with ChildSafe ID customers.  Unfortunately, for privacy reasons we cannot reveal the names of these people.  If you would like your comments listed here, please contact us

"This (ChildSafe Child ID) is a wonderful product, thank-you"

"We ran a fund raiser with ChildSafe Child ID and Child Kit and had a great response.  The parents were impressed that we offered a product that was so useful to them, we will run this every year now"

"Such a fast response"

"I was reluctant to purchase this at first but I gave it a go for my youngest son.
I received the Child ID Card and ID Kit and was so pleased with it I have ordered
3 more for my other children. - Thank you"

"All caring parents should have at least an ID card for each of their children, both my
husband and I carry cards for our two children - great idea"

"The ID Cards are high quality plastic like Credit Cards, I was expecting a paper card so
the quality plastic one was a real surprise!  Nice one!"

"... they are an excellent idea [and] should be recommended to all parents"

"Excellent Product Guys"

"A note to other parents... don't let fear stop you planning.  This card is so important."

"I see that others have been hesitant to buy this product.  I was too... but I thought
for only $25 I would give it a go.  I am so pleased I did, this is an excellent package.
 Take my word for it, if you have children, this is a must have product"

"It's a great idea"

"I was so impressed with ChildSafe ID that I recommended them to the
Director of the childcare centre my daughter attends.  We ran a great fund raiser!"

"All parents should have Cards for all their children"

"I had to buy one each for my daughter and son.  I couldn't live with myself
if anything happened and I wasn't prepared"

"$25 for everything included in the [ID Card and]ID Kit, that is great value!"

"Peace of mind for less than the price of a tank of petrol"

"This is a great way to be prepared for the worst.  Hopefully I will never use the card and kit
but I do like knowing I am prepared"

"While fingerprinting our son, we used the opportunity to discuss stranger danger"

"I like the idea that I, the parent, hold on to the details of my child.  I didn't want her
DNA and fingerprints being held by someone else.   Great idea and product.  Highly

"We purchased a card for both our sons before traveling overseas on holiday.  The ID Card and
Kit made it so simple to keep all their information together.  We opted to have the
boys ID photos stored on [SOPS] so if, god forsake, something happened
while overseas we and the police would have access to a recent photo instantly.  Thanks for such a
great product"


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